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Coming January 2009: Travis Edmonson Live In San Francisco, featuring Frank Sanchez on drums and special guest, the great Bob Shane! For more information, check out Bonnie Brock's web page announcing the product. Travis' poetry book, Thoughts That Didn't Pass, is available via this page, as well.
B&T Latin Album Detail

Bud and Travis Albums

Bud and Travis (1959) (order on CD via!)
Spotlight On Bud and Travis (1960) (order on CD via!)
In Concert (1960) (order on CD via!)
In Concert, Part 2 (1960) (order on CD via!)
Bud and Travis Naturally (1960) (order on CD via!)
Perspective On Bud and Travis (1963) (order on CD via!)
In Person At The Cellar Door (1964) (order on CD via!)
The Bud and Travis Latin Album (1965) (order on CD via! or via Folk Era/Rediscover!)
Bud and Travis (Greatest Hits) (Late 60s--Sunset) (order on CD via!)
Cloudy Summer Afternoon (Liberty/Capitol, 1984) (order on CD via!)
The Best of Bud and Travis (Collector's Choice, 1998) (order on CD via Collector's Choice!)
The Santa Monica Concert (Folk Era/Rediscover Music, 2003) (order on CD via Folk Era/Rediscover!)

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Bud and Travis Singles

"Ballad of the Alamo" b/w "The Green Leaves of Summer"
"Cold Summer" b/w "Girl Sittin' Up In A Tree"
"Haiti" b/w "Tomorrow Is a Long Time"
"Bonsoir Dame" b/w "Truly Do"
"Poor Boy" b/w "Jenny On a Horse"
"Cloudy Summer Afternoon" b/w "E La Bas"
"Gimme Some" b/w "How Long, How Long Blues"
"Maria Christina" b/w "Sabras Que Te Quiero"

I do not yet know the release dates for these singles. All recordings are on the Liberty label.

B & T sang the title song over the closing credits of the short lived  TV western series of the early '60s, "Stagecoach West" starring a very young Wayne Rogers.  (Information courtesy of John Hindsill.)

B&T Site visitor Karl Scott has helped tremendously with this singles discography.

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Bud and Travis Contributions To Other Albums

Album name in bold; B&T song name in quotes.

A Night At The Ash Grove: An Evening of Coffee House Music (1958--World Pacific): "La Bamba," "Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye"
This Is Stereo (Liberty, 1960): "Raspberries, Strawberries"
The Greatest Stars of Folk Music (Legacy International, 1960): ""La Bamba"
Swingin' Like '60! (World Pacific, 1960): "La Bamba"
Hootenanny (Crestview, 1963): "La Bamba"
Hootenanny Saturday Nite! (World Pacific, 1964): "Raspberries, Strawberries" and "La Bamba"
Liberty Hootenanny (Liberty, 1965): "Down in the Valley" and "Ah, Nora, War Is Over"
Folksong Festival (Capitol, 1989): "Ballad of the Alamo," "Guantanamera," and "Two Brothers"
Folk Song America: A 20th Century Revival (Smithsonian Collection, Sony Music Special Products, 1991): "Delia's Gone"
Time-Life's Treasury of Folk Music: An All-Star Hootenanny (EMI-Capitol Music Special Markets): "Sloop John B"
Washington Square Memoirs-The Great Urban Folk Dream 1950-1970 (2001):  "Raspberries, Strawberries"

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Bud Dashiell Solo Career

Bud Dashiell And The Kinsmen (1961)
Bud Dashiell And The Kinsmen Sing Everybody's Hits (1962)
I Think It's Gonna Rain Today (1968)

Bud Dashiell Contributions To Other Albums

Hoot Tonight! Hootenanny (1963): "Wars of Germany" (w/ The Kinsmen)

All Bud Dashiell recordings are on Warner Bros. records.

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Travis Edmonson Solo Career

Coming January 2009: Travis Edmonson Live In San Francisco feat. Frank Sanchez on drums and special guest, the great Bob Shane! For more information, check out Bonnie Brock's web page announcing the product. Travis' poetry book, Thoughts That Didn't Pass, is available via this page, as well.

Travis On His Own (Reprise, 1962)
Travis On Cue (Horizon, 1962)
Travelin' With Travis (Tradition, 1965)
The Liar's Hour (Latigo, 1975)
The Tucson Tapes, Volume 1 (Rediscover, 2001)
The Tucson Tapes, Volume 2 (Rediscover, Volume 2)
Live @ UC Santa Barbara 5/9/66 (Rediscover Music, 2002)

Travis Edmonson with the Gateway Singers

Puttin' On The Style (Decca, mid-1950s) (order on CD via!)

Notes: Puttin' On The Style was the only album Travis made with the Gateway Singers.  B&T site visitor Jerry Kergan (author of the Kingston Trio Liner Notes web site) explains: "The Gateway Singers on this album are Jerry Walter (vocals, banjo,) Lou Gottlieb (vocals, bass,) Travis Edmunson (vocals, guitar) and Elmerlee Thomas (vocals.) Of the twelve tracks on this album, only one is of any significant interest to fans of Travis Edmunson. Though Travis has a few 'step-out' solos on several of the songs on "Puttin' On The Style." only "Come To the Dance" features Travis' vocal talents. Of real significance, I believe, is that this piece gives us insight into the early Travis, and his musical direction later. Find attached, a Windows Media file (wma) for your enjoyment and use. The album liner notes offer the following detail: "The Gateway Singers were fortunate enough to have been able to record their first album with a distinguished group of supporting performers. Acknowledgements go to Jud Conlon who scored and conducted the vocal backgrounds; to Loulie Jean Norman, soprano, and to the fine jazz men who provided the instrumental backing: Red Callendar on string bass; Jack Marshall, guitar; Alvin Stoller, drums; and Carlos Vidal on congas."

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Travis Edmonson Contributions To Other Albums

The Gateway Singers at the Hungry "I" (Decca) (order on CD via!)
Hollywood Hootenanny (Horizon, 1964): "The Things I've Saved"
Hootenanny At The Troubadour (Horizon, 1969): "E La Bas"
Ten Thousand Goddamn Cattle: Cowboy Songs With Guitar And Other Instrumental Accompaniment (Katydid, 1977/1985) (w/Katie Lee, Earl Edmonson, David Holt, guitar players)

Travis Edmonson With Los Chanquitos Feos Trio

"Tortillas," (1977), 45 RPM single, music and lyric by Alvin J. Gordon, arranged by Travis Edmonson, included on back cover of the children's book Tortillas by Alvin J. Gordon.

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