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A Young Bud?

B&T Site visitor Dick Quigley sent this photo.
Here is his note:

"This picture was taken in 1943. The young boy on the left is Oliver Dashiell. The two girls in the picture are his sisters, June ,standing, and Doris Renee holding the paintbrush. During the war, the girls lived in Greenwich Village,N.Y. I don't know if Oliver lived with them. I do know that they had relatives down south. I didn't know Oliver but I exchangedf letters with Doris all during the war. I was in China. I never heard them mention their mother but their father was in the OSS. Before the war they lived in France and in England I am sending this because there are so many similar things in their life. Perhaps this Oliver is the Bud Dashiell of your website?"

While I have no hard-and-fast confirmation, the circumstantial evidence is pretty compelling that this photo shows Bud Dashiell at about the age of 11. Thanks to Dick for submitting it to the site!

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